E 8400 and asus p5q ????

i want to buy new pc i tihnk e8400 and asus p5q pro and ati radeon 4850 or 9600 gt but mother board does not support ddr3.Sould i choose another motherboard is there any suggestion for motherboard and cpu?
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  1. What makes DDR3 such a compelling feature for you?

    It's almost the same speed as DDR2... faster only by a small margin resulting in only a minor gain?

    If you like a certain motherboard design, I say don't listen to anyone else's advice and buy it if you reckon it's the perfect match for you.
  2. I am another one who believes that the greater mem i/o possibilities of DDR3 RAM are largely wasted in the Core2 architecture.

    Benchmarks may indicate a higher mem i/o, but it pretty much does not translate into significant real world gains.
  3. Too limited by the FSB to be useful methinks.
  4. I have the Asus P5q Pro and the Q9650 and I say the P5Q series is a great board. I can overclock my Q9650 to 4GHz no sweat. But my heatsink broke so now I'm at stock because I'm using Intel's Heatsink. And DDR3 is a waste as this board can support DDR2 1200.
  5. definitely go with the 4850 over the 9600gt
  6. E8400 with P5Q has been a mouth watering solution a few years ago. It is still a great setup but mostly if you have a deal or a friend who offers it at good price.

    For new toys, you can get faster for cheaper.

    For example the E8400 is at about 170$.
    For about 130$ you can get either a PhenomII Tri core or an AthlonII Quad and invest more on the videocard to get something like a Radeon 4870.

    From there you can either get a budjet motherboard with DDR2 Ram such as an AM2+ M3A78-EM with a better CPU like a PhenomII or an AM3 M4A785 with DDR3 Ram with a cheaper Athlon2 Tricore and upgrade that setup 1 year later for latest most cost effective cpu. ;)
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