Computer from work, trying to get it running

I got this computer from work and I am trying to get it running.

MSI 955X Platinum
2GB DDR2 667
Rosewill 550W PSU
Unknown CPU (havent gotten it to boot to see what it is)
8500 GT (I think)
IDE Optical

I am getting no video output. I tried the 8500 GT that was in there and got nothing. Tried my 8800GTS that i know is working and nothing. No motherboard lights come on when I turn the PSU power switch on. When i hit the front power button, everything seems to come on, all the fans spinning. Kinda think it must be MOBO.

Any suggestions?
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    Are you getting any beeps? Most likely it's the motherboard, but it could also be a bad stick of RAM. Should get 3-4 beeps for that.
  2. I have the same exact problem, but this time with brand new hardware: no screen, no beeps, nothing. Only the fans and the hard drive are starting, that could mean OK electrical activity but nothing else.
    Having no other compatible CPUs, ram modules or motherboards to test, I still don't know how do determine WHICH component is failing: motherboard, CPU or ram?
  3. Yeah, it's pretty hard to test with no reference parts. Usually that is a motherboard problem though if it's not beeping to tell you about other hardware problems. Make sure you attach the provided speaker to your motherboard.
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  5. I finally got it to work. Switched the sticks of ram to the other DIMMS, re plugged in the front panel pins and she turned on. Seems to be working fine for a couple days now.
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