Overclocking the xFSx 6950 2GB help/suggestions

Hey guys I'm new here and fairly new to computer building, I build my first tower last may and was looking to overclock my 6950.


Thats the card I have and I bought a better GPU cooler the other day for $50. This is what it is.


How far can I expect to be able to push the 6950? And to my knowledge (by me looking) I don't have a bios switch. So do I have any options there and should I even bother trying to go nuts with this card or just try to sell it for decent price online and buy one that has a bios switch or better clocking abilities. I have MSI afterburner unlocked to where you can change the voltage etc. I don't know, just give me your input I'm all ears. Appreciate it guys. :pt1cable:
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  1. I already own the xFSx card I still have all the boxes etc for it I think, how much you think I could get for it on ebay?
  2. about 180 is what they are going for on ebay.
  3. I'll just OC her. OClockerz got it up to 1002mghz core clock.
  4. SO if you purchase the Sapphire all you need to do is flash the bios and you have a 6970?? I am in the market for a card and will most likley order this one.
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