Intel X-25M vs Crucial C300

So I'll get straight to the point. Which drive is faster/better?
-I know the C300's reads/writes exceed the Intel's reads/writes however I see different results for random read/writes, IOPS, and access times. On anandtech when compared side by side, the Intel seems to win over the majority of the benchmarks. However I'm looking for fast boot times and fast loading of applications. I don't do big file transfers so read/writes aren't all that important. Any help as which one to choose.

I currently have the 80GB G2 Intel X-25M but, my friend bought a 64GB Crucial SSD and wouldn't mind trading it with me. I don't care about the space, I only care about speed. Which drive will give me faster load times/boot times?. Thanks for help :).
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  1. I would stay with the Intel X25-M G2... There is no reason to go to the C300, as you won't see any benefit and the Intel is the more relaiable drive (specially if all running on a SATA II device).
  2. Okay thank you. I'll stick with the X25-M, I just thought the C300 might give a noticeable speed improvement.
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    If you are running off of an Intel SATA III contoller on your motherboard, it will give you an improvement but not enough IMO to go through a reinstall over. If on a SATA II controller, Intel will be the overall better drive (as shown by the Anand Benchmark comparison).
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