Dead video chipset Lenovo A31 Type 2652

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I recently bought a broken Lenovo A31 and it appears the video chipset is dead. The rest of the computer appears to be functioning perfectly fine. The system POSTS, and the battery holds a charge. The screen shows what appears to be random colored blocks, and it does so even no an external monitor(same array of assorted blocks) and I cannot see anything.

I was wondering if anyone could advise me on how exactly I could go about replacing the chipset.

I downloaded a technical manual on the laptop but it does not include motherboard service instructions.

As most of my experience comes with Desktops, I feel afraid that if I take the laptop apart I won't be able to put it back together. Another fear is that I'm unsure about what to unscrew first, how to take it apart, how to get to the motherboard.

If you've done this before, how should I go about this? What's the easiest way to replace a laptop motherboard or chipset?

I would like to try a few things, but am unsure how I should go about this.

1. I was thinking of removing/soldering on a video chipset from another identical motherboard.

2. I was thinking of replacing the motherboard.

I'd prefer someone who has experience disassembling laptops to reply to this post. Thanks!
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  1. The chipset needs to be reballed.

    I had this problem with a iBook. But repairing ideas, heat, pressure points, did not work for me.

    It is probably cheapest to get another A31 on ebay and replace the motherboard. The service manual is available on the IBM Lenovo site.

    Good luck

    (I am still using mine and it works great for still quite a few games - if cleaned out it is really quiet too, very important if you are into typing!)
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