Compatible Hardware for HP a420n

hi i need to up grade, need digtal vidio card, power supply, and any thing else. i have 1 g ram 160 g hd. it freezis up i get warnings that cpu is at its limit.
i have music production and auto cad software.
thanks John
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    You should be able to use any AGP video card and a PSU around 300 or 400 watts. Corsair is a good PSU brand. This is one of the best AGP video cards you'll find:
    It'll work for basic CAD but don't expect high-end gaming too.

    ... but really, it's not worth upgrading this system. You can't add any more RAM according to HP, and a graphics card is probably a waste of money. It doesn't even have USB 2.0. A $300 netbook will probably run just as fast.
  2. i think i will get a new pc thanks for the info
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