G.skill dr3 1600 eco, or rippjaws


i`m trying to choose between those 2 ram`s.
it`s for an in building system , based on i3 530 cpu and gigabyte h57 board.
kind of multipurpose usage , light to medium gaming.
can`t find a clear cut recommendation for it.
some say that the eco will run with lower temp, designed especially for the 1156 Intel`s, and due to the low voltage, it`ll have room for ram oc/tightening timings.
others, that the ripjaws should be potentially more performance ram.
the ripjaws come with a slight better "stock" timings (7-7-7-24 vs. eco`s 7-8-7-24)
the eco 1.35 v and ripjaws 1.6 v.
i`m planning to work on the cpu with Scythe‎ ninja 2 passive cooling.
help please.
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  1. I would first visit the G. Skill forums to see if either is causing problems. If not, then I'd get the ripjaws.
  2. i have already been there. both of them should work fine.
    can you please specify the reasons for your choice?
    thank you.
  3. The ripjaws are G. Skill's high performance RAM, that what it advertises - for performance. That's why I would choose it. You are free to make your own decision, of course.
  4. after making some more checking and reading here i`m agree with you.
    it seems that you can get a "double package" here, also some kind of "eco".
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