Do I Need A Raid Controller?

Don't ask why but i need a minimum write speed of 248.83mbps and i was thinking of using 4 of these hard drives in raid 10 on this motherboard.

Is my on board raid gonna be able to handle that?
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  1. You may not need another RAID controller, but you most likely won't achieve that level of write performance using 4 of those hard disks. You may be able to exceed the results achived at,2845,2334985,00.asp, but it would still be way below your requirements.

    Reading,2374-13.html might help you decide on the optimal solution (they used SSD drives). As you can see, the ICH10R performs quite well. Even a RAID 5 configuration using 3 SSDs would be fine. You should be mainly interested in the minimum write performance.

    Four 15K SAS drives on a caching RAID controller with BBS might meet your requirements, but it still would be significantly slower than SSDs.
  2. mega bits or mega bytes per second?

    If a good hdd can deliver 100MB/s average write and the F3 can average 115 then the max in a raid 0 is a theoretical 230MBytes/s average.

    You're looking at better drives. Or a proper array with enterprise equipment.
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