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So I'm am a total beginner. However, I did read lots of forums, articles, guides, and even watched videos. So when I made my first attempt, I'm pretty sure something went wrong.

I have a AMD apu A6-3650 on an ASrock a75m-hvs mobo. I also have 4 gb of crucial memory (1600), but my mobo only allows for 1333 unless I overclock the memory (which can go to 1600 or 1866). I have 550 watt psu 80+ bronze from rosewill. My HSF is an artic freezer 7.

So, what happened was I raised the FSB from the stock 100 MHZ to 104 (noting this also raises the integrated graphics on the cpu). This went from 2.6ghz to about 2.7. Multiplier was at stock x26. The voltage for was at stock 1.4125. Didn't touch anything else. I saved the changes and rebooted. Everything went fine so I was very glad. I ran prime 95 for about 1 hour and reached a peak temp of 49.C;

So when I went for my second attempt I raised the FSB to 109 leaving everything alone again. When I saved changes and exited, the computer was still on, but it would not reboot. It would not even show the splash screen for me to get into the BIOS. At this point my heart sunk and I thought I damaged my computer.

So I held down the power button for like 5 seconds and shutoff the computer. A few minutes later I was able to I turned on the computer and I was able to get into the BIOS and I immediately changed the FSB back to 104, and it was able to bootup fine. So I was wondering can anyone give me some more advice, or let me know where I messed up? I really appreciate it. Thanks
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