Audio Problems ASUS P4S8X-X

a few years ago I had a creative Audigy and the soundcard went bad
so I went with the built in audio of the motherboard
now I've gotten another Audigy but am getting no sound after uninstalling Soundmax
I assume I'll need to disable audio in the motherboard?
or uninstall the previous drivers?
but can't find where to do either
using Winxp home sp3

Thanks in advance
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  1. Did you look in the BIOS to disable onboard?
  2. I can't see where to do that in the bios
    I've looked probably 2 dozen times
  3. What model is your MB?
  4. ASUS P4S8X-X
  5. You're right about it not being in the BIOS. You can go to Device Manager, and disable the SoundMax.
  6. clean install of windows xp fixed me up Thanks for your help
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