Should I SLI or would something new be more effective?

DFI Lanparty nF4 SFL-DR Expert
AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ Manchester
4x Corsair Generic 512MB PC-3200
XFX GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB - XXX edition
SoundBlaster Audigy 2
OCZ ModStream 520W
19" 1280x1024 max

I want a moderate graphics upgrade and I'm willing to spend maybe $200. Right now I can run most current games on high with the exception of shaders, shadows, high AA, etc.
Would I see much of an improvement with an SLI purchase, or would my money be spent better on a new(er) card or cpu?
Thanks for any help.
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  1. Your CPU and GPU are both a bit past it as far as gaming is concerned and SLi'ing your GTS could be difficult as the only option may a second hand one, IMHO a mobo, CPU & GPU upgrade would reap more benefit.
  2. if I were you i would not sli its prolly hard to find another gts 320mb and they are not that good anyways I would go with a 9800gt or gts 250 ur cpu should be fine to handle that and they are both well under 200
  3. In 6 days both ATI and Nvidia are press-conferencing the next generation of graphics card. It would probably pay to wait a few weeks and see if anything comes from them (like price reductions on existing cards).

    SLIed 8800s should perform about as well as a single GTX 260 or HD 4870.

    The 250, 9800 and 8800 are all basically the same card, it wont be an improvement for you. An ATI 4850 would not be enough improvement to be worth it.
  4. Sli'ing anything over 7900GT's is going to choke that CPU, and I have doubts that SLi'ed G80's can match the 260's or 4870's the 640's perhaps but not the 320's, the G92's on the other hand...
  5. Mousemonkey said:
    I have doubts that SLi'ed G80's can match the 260's or 4870's the 640's perhaps but not the 320's,

    At a low resolution and AA off to make memory less of an issue and it should be within the ballpark. The big problem is SLI is so application dependent, its better to get a new GPU that is a guaranteed improvement. Getting a 260 or 4870 after the press conference fallout would be my recommendation.
  6. I think that a 939 dual may struggle a bit as I remember mine being about pushed to it's max with a pair of 7900's.
  7. Thanks all for sharing your knowledge. Sounds like an overall or upgrading the gpu would be my best bet. I'll definitely look into the products specified here.
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