Ram timings and increased voltage. p7p55d + ripjaws 7-8-7-24

Hey guys,

Just had my pc freeze. screen was green and white horizontal lines. after rebooting, i checked the bios, and the ram timings went back to 9-9-9-24. I manually changed it back to 7-8-7-24, but then the dram voltage goes up to ~1.79v. the ram should be at 1.6. So here are my questions: Do I change the voltage manually back to 1.6 or do I have to change something with the timings? When I rebooted the first time after the crash, all timings were at auto. I only changed the first 4 numbers but do I need to change the 5-6 entries after those as well?

Would appreciate any help. (I don't know much about this stuff)

My rig as follows for reference:
P7P55D, core i5 750, hd5850, g.skill ripjaws 2x2gb 7-8-7-24 (12800) 1.6v, corsair tx650, windows 7 64 bit
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  1. It sounds like you correctly set the first 4 mem timings and the RAM voltage to 1.6v in your BIOS, then "Save and Exit." If your BIOS is not saving the settings, you should contact the vendor or ASUS, you may have to RMA the board.
  2. Would I need to change the rest of the timings like the tRRD, tRFC, tWR, etc. or just the first four?
  3. I would try the first 4 and leave the others on auto. If you want to spend a lot of time learning the the JEDEC standards, learning G.Slill's implementation of those with ripjaws (and I have never found their tech pubs on the web), and experiment with the other settings, you can.
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