Corsair Dominator XM3 PC3-12800

Hello,whats the best ram for the money. I have about £180 to spend and I intend to overclock. Maybe I can get 8 gig for £180 but not sure. The board is Gigabyte S1156 Intel P55 DDR3 and I5 chip
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  2. The best RAM for the money is the set you can buy with the highest speed rating (i.e. DDR3 - 1600) and the lowest CAS # you can afford at the store you are buying at.

    the way I approach this issue as as follows....using newegg site as I am familiar with it, try same process at your store.

    1. get to Home page
    2. Click on Computer Hardware
    3. Click on Memory in dropdown
    4. Click on Desktop Memory in drop down
    5. Click on 240 pin DDR3 in drop down
    6. Click on DDR3-1600 in drop down
    7. Click on 2 x 2GB on drop down
    8. Click n CAS 6
    9. I see 1 set at $160 ....if I like the price, I'm done, if not....
    10. Hit "back" button on broswer and select CAS 7 this time
    11. Select lowest price on right to orde rlistings by price.
    12. Tho they in lowest price order, that does not include MIR's but I see that OCZ's have MIR so dinal proce is $108 ...I like OCZ, checking voltage of 1.7 ... if I can live with that I'm done.
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