Need Help Building New HTPC with a budget

Hello, I am going to build an HTPC system and never have before, I need help! My budget will be $600, it may change later but this it right now.
I will be running it mainly for dvr and I will be putting my entire dvd collection on it so i can put my dvds in storage. So mainly dvd rips and dvr stuff. I want to have it connected to tv by HDMI, Quite also I would like a bluray player but I know thats probably out of price range... so lets start with what I have said so far... and any software help would be great also! Thank you very much in advance!
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  1. Ok give you a low budget template for you to 'pimp' it up with a Blu Ray ODD, bigger HDDs, nicer casing , etc hehe
  2. very nice thanks for the fast response
  3. Are there any TV-Tuner cards that work with satellite?
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