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Hey,so is this computer GOOD or bad:HP Pavilion p6240sc. Here is the technical info: CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 810 2.6GHz Memory: 4GB DDR3 1333MHz Graphicscard: ATI Radeon HD4650 1GB Harddisk: 750GB 7200rpm This computer price is 600€(536,19pounds) so Is this computer good for his price? Everybody answer,just say if it good or bad and why? :) :) thank youu !:)
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  1. Think for the money its ok. id not say its a rip off or a bargin as long as its a safe make
  2. might be wrong but that graphics card is looking a bit weak. the computer spec looks typical of a system sold by pc world or some such outlet.
  3. hmm...OK what do u mean with:id not say its a rip off or a bargin
    I'm from Finland so im not so good at English :/
  4. you need more expert opinion on the graphics card I would say. what needs to be considered is, will the pc (I am assuming it is a pc) do what you want it to do. that is difficult to answer without knowing what it is you expect to use the pc for. If you are not expecting to use the pc for gaming, then the graphics card should not be an issue.
  5. Daviduk109 hit the nail on the head.

    If gaming is not important then the graphics card isnt either, and the rest of the computer looks fine.
  6. Okey, thanks Both !! :)but gaming is important.I am going to play exampel GTA IV,COD 4 COD 5 and COD 6 with the normal graphics andwithout laggy.Is that enable?
  7. Could you tell us what resolution your monitor goes too??? It will have a big impact on the right card for you.

    If the resolution is higher than 1650x1080 i'd suggest a 1gb graphics card.
    I think a ATi 5770 would be great for those games.

    Im guessing that your buying this computer pre-built from a shop(?), If so then you could ask them for a more suitable graphics card.

    That HD4650 is not good for gaming and will struggle to play the games you listed.
  8. Yes,im going to buy it from a store.But what do you mean with :Could you tell us what resolution your monitor goes too??? It will have a big impact on the right card for you.
    So u say that the graphics card is bad... :( hmm.Do u mean that i gonna ask the shopkeepers that change the gapicscard to an better?or?

    Thanks for helping:)
    it's good when u guys tell everything wats good and bad,bechause i suck on computers and english.I just want a good and cheap computer who i can play good games without laggy.
  9. Cost effective way of PC Gaming is to get more and more familiar with a PC. For that reason I recommend finding a store that builds computers.
    Also recommended to know how to install windows, troubleshoot, install and uninstall software such as 1 antivirus and so on...

    HP Compaq, Gateway, Dell and so on are real cost effective on PC's I look down as Crap. To be fair they are PC's that use the bare minimum, they sometimes come down to cheaper then my own cost of build yet it shows in quality. Those are fine solutions for company workstations or a computer just used for microsoft office and internet.

    If a brand name computer has a videocard or any upgrades, it will be overpriced and most of the time the components inside such as Motherboard or PSU are of terribly poor quality.

    My recommendation would be to find a local computer shop such as Microbytes or better yet a friend or family friend or "That Guy" and have them build you a PC with specs recommended by this forum.

    Such as

    Phenom2 945
    2x2 DDR3
    Asus M4A785
    Case with minimum 500W Psu by Antec or Thermaltake
    Radeon 4850 or Nvidia 250GTS
    500Gig HDD
    Windows 7 License to save the trouble.
    Avira Antivir Free

    That PC installed by "That Guy" will have a clean performing OS. An HP will have so many trial software to remove that ... well kill the feel of a new fresh computer.
  10. hmm,okey....Do u mean that i could ask a shopkeeper who is in a pc store and ask him to buil a computer with specs recommended things..?
  11. the advantage of buying from a shop that is near you is that if there are any problems with the computer, you can take the computer back to the shop. The disadvantage of buying from a shop is that you have a more limited choice of the type of computer you can buy from them.

    The best thing for you might be to ask the shop if they have a more powerful graphics card that they could put into the computer, but at the same time, don't let them rip you off!

    after you have talked to the shop, you can post back on here what they have offered you. don't let the shop pressure you into buying and making the wrong decision.
  12. Okey,you are so right.But i'm living in little city where is a store and they sell computes there but,the store is so little so there isn't much computers only lapptops and they are very expensive.But i think the store reserve computers from the internet to the store.So if i go and say exampel:Hey,do you have this computer:hp pavilion p2240sc? they answer:No but we can reserve from internet.
    And then if the computer price in 600€ in internet they sell it for like 660€
  13. When you say 'reserve' I assume you mean 'order' (or 'supply you with'). It does sound like you have some flexibility with the store anyway. Many people buy computers directly from big computer manufacturers e.g. Dell or PC Specialist. If you look these manufacturers up on the internet, you will see there is the option to buy exactly the type of computer you want by specifying each individual part of the computer system. The computer manufacturer will then build the computer from the parts that you have specified and deliver the computer to you. There are many other computer manufacturers that will do this. Please note that I am not recommending any of these manufacturers to you, I am just providing you with examples of how you could buy a computer according to your individual requirements. Also because of your location, I don't know which manufacturers would supply you.
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