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I have $10 in my budget and I've been wondering if I should get a cheap $10 PCI fan. I want a cool and quiet PC so, is this a good choice ?
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  1. My personal rule...when I buy fans w/sleeve instead of bearing I pay top dollar for the higher quality fans. I don't think bearing is all that much better but the tolerances are more precise usually resulting in a smoother running fan and at high rpms noticeably quieter then sleeve fans.

    EVERCOOL SB-F1 PCI Slot Case Cooler (pushes a lot of air):
  2. So will a PCI fan cool the back of the GPU?
  3. You put in front of the gpu fan so it works with it to pull hot air before it hits the gpu fan. Gotta watch the rpm settings on them both because the can create this dead zone between the fans that's definitely audible.
  4. But the GPU slot is at the far right. So, I would put my GPU on the blue PCI-e 2.0 slot and the fan on one of the small blue pci slot?
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    Yes, you'd put the slot fan over one of the pci x1. It doesn't actually fit into the slot, it just sits above it so you can place it anywhere there is an open bay in the back panel.
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