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Im in a bit of a sticky spot i bought a revo x2 drive and have found that my motherboard is on the unsupported list (Crosshair iv extreme). However i have managed to bypass most of the issues windows 7 x64 is installed and working just fine as long as i don’t use the onboard raid feature. This is my issue, i have a 4x wd black raid 0 that i need to be active while windows is running on the revo x2. My question is can i use the windows soft raid feature to set the raid up and keep all my data in place or am i going to lose all the data that is on the raid now ?
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  1. If you re-setup the RAID 0, yes you will lose all data. It is better to save all data to another external drive and then setup RAID.
  2. Thats what i was afraid of. i was hoping when i went through the rebuild process at the point windows asks you if you wanted format the drives i would select no and all my data would stay intact but i guess that was abit hope full
  3. Correct!

    Just save all data to an external drive. Then you are free to do as you wish with the RAID setup. Just keep in mind that RAID 0 has no fault tolerance. RAID 1 has fault tolerance, but the total disk capacity will be cut in half. (I have RAID 1 for my data, and perform regular backups).
  4. ill give it a go ill back up as much as i can 4tb is a lot to back up LOL I use raid 0 for the speed i used to run raid 10 for protection but the loss of 2 tb and the speed loss just was not worth it for me as i have a seperate 2tb single drive to backup any important data
    Do you have any experience with windows software raid i was wondering how the speeds are compaired to an onboard raid
  5. I have an EVGA Classified motherboard, and I use on-board RAID 1 (mirroring) with 1 TB drives. In use for the past 18 months, and I am very satisfied with it. I have never bothered with the speeds because it has not been an issue for me.

    I also perform frequent backups to an external drive. Alternately used Win 7 Backup, and Easus Todo Backup. Both are great.
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