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Hey, hopefully this is the right place to post this

I'm having issues with my monitor and was hoping someone could confirm or contribute to my understand of the problem.

The monitor is a 24" Samsung LCD (2443bw) basically it only is able to display an image for a few seconds. For example, if i boot the desktop, it starts normal, about 2seconds later i get a black screen. It stays that way; if i turn off the monitor and turn it back on, it display what i should again for another 2-5seconds then the screen goes black.

This is a monitor problem, i tried plugging my xbox 360 into the monitors dvi slot and basically its the same situation. I see the 360 dashboard for a few seconds and then its gone. If i turn the monitor off and then turn it back on, i get the display for a few and its gone. The light on the monitor doesn't blink, it stays on as though everything is fine.

Without a device attached i get the normal monitor screensaver saying to check inputs.

Any ideas?

I've done some research and I've read several different things: such as capactior problems and inverter problems.

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  1. Warranty time?

    Dos it have an analog connector too?
  2. Yea there's a vga slot, I dont have an cables/devices for it at the moment tho as i left the majority of my stuff back at home (just moved)

    Samsung has a 3year warrenty, it was bought in feb but i need the original reciept which will be hard to find if i even have it =\
  3. It most likely isn't the problem, but if you have another cable available you may want to try and use that. Also, see if the cable socket on the monitor appears to be still well soldered in place.
  4. Well it's been working fine for the past 2months, it just mysteriously screwed up today. I tried different dvi cables, same situation. Its not the pc because i tried my xbox as well and my pc outputs to tv fine.

    The monitor displays fine for a few seconds but then cuts out afterwards - which leads me to believe it's definitely the monitor =\
  5. I would agree that 9/10 it's probably the monitor. It'll be 9.99/10 if you find another working monitor, connect it to your computer and make sure everything is ok.

    If it lets you to, try going into the menu and hit "reset to defaults" or some option like that. Probably won't change much, but worth a shot.

    I would try giving it a couple of gentle "love taps" on the back and around the screen while trying to see if the picture comes back for a moment. If does, you may have a loose connection somewhere inside. Still, if you say it just stopped working all of a sudden, chances are it's not that either.
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