Game- Supreme Commander how to improve on low framerates

My Son plays games including Supreme Commander on a homebuilt PC using my hand me downs. He says when the game gets real intense with action all around, the framerate is very choppy.
He has a E6600 Core 2 at 2.4ghz, 2 GB ram and a 8800GTS 640mb card. His keyboard has an LED display that show CPU and memory usage near 100%. It has Vista ultimate 32 bit.
What are should we improved first? More RAM? Newer video card? The CPU cores run about 55C on the stock fan, so there is a little room overclocking.


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  1. well first would get a cpu cooler an over clock the cpu to bout 3ghz
  2. Yep the CPU should be pushed and you need more RAM. It's a processor heavy game.

    If you are trying to run it at 1680x1050 that might be a problem for that card.
  3. Thanks. We do run at 1650 X 1050. I will try both memory and overclocking

  4. SupCom? a quad core processor will help if his Computer supports it.
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