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My machine just showed me the Blue Screen of Death(BOD) and then restarted but then failed to boot . The message that came up was" Boot Device Not Found". I then tried to repair the Win XP software on the other parttion of the disk but it could only show me one partition instead of two, C: and D:. I then suspended the insttallation as I didn't want to lose my information on the biggere partition of the 500GB HDD. So I decided to slave this drive on another machine. The problem now is , I can detect it in BIOS but after I press F10 , save and restart, the other machine just hangs there and won't boot till I remove this HDD. So what might be causing this. Does it mean the HDD now has a short or what?
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  1. Hi there,

    Using the "suspect" HDD as a secondary drive on your other computer, check in the BIOS to see what it says in recognizing it. Then check the CMOS settings to make sure your regular Disk 0 drive is first in order to boot. Sounds like the "suspect" drive is booting first.

    The Boot Device Not found means the HDD is not detected.
    If it's not recognized as a secondary drive, and you've double checked the cable, and you can hear it spinning, then it's a failed drive.
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