Cable Connections on GTX 295

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I see that the GTX 295's require a 6 pin and an 8 pin power connector. Looking at most end PSU's, I see something like this. The 8 pin I have bolded but is the 6 pin that's req'd one of the PCI-E's or does it require yet another 12V EPS ?

1 x 20+4 Pin
1 x 4 Pin ATX 12V
1 x 8 Pin EPS 12V
2 x 6+2 PCI-E
2 x 6 Pin PCI-E
9 x SATA
1 x Floppy
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    The one you have bolded is not for the video card. The power connectors video cards use are the PCI-E ones. In your listing above, the PSU has 2x 6+2 PCIE connectors, meaning they can be used as 8 pin or 6 pin connectors, and 2 regular 6 pins. The 8 pin EPS connector is for mobos.
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