Asus Rampage II GENE vs ASUS P6T DeLuxe x58


I'm having trouble deciding between the Rampge II Gene and the Asus P6T Deluxe x58 motherboard.

I want to build a i7-920 system that can double up as a 3D/CS4 Suite station while also having decent game performance.

I plan on including the GTX 275 (the GTX 260 seems to struggle with Crysis on high settings).


P.S. Will a 500 watt power supply be sufficient?
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  1. The GENE is a micro ATX board which you are comparing w/ a full size ATX board so I can't quite judge what your criteria are.

    If intent is to use a small case for LAN partying, etc, then the GENE makes sense.

    If you are looking for extreme overclocking features on an X58, the GENE equivalent in a full size ATX case would be the Rampage II Extreme (R2E). The R3E is supposedly about to hit the streets sometimes soon.

    If you are well versed in OC but want an MoBo known for high OC's, the the Asus P6T Deluxe make sense but I'd go w/ the newer V2 (version 2).

    If you want the latest and greatest w/ the most upgrade ability, then P6X58D makes the most sense (SATA II / USB 3)

    Check this article w/ regards to GFX choices.....only recommendation I can argue with is the 5770.,2521.html

    Lastly, this will do the PSU math for you

    This will tell you what to pick:
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