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I have an HP pc with a 920 intel pentium d processor, 2GB of memory, 300GB hard drive, and currently an nvidia geforce 6200SE graphics card. I am looking to replace this with a graphics card from the nvidia geforce gtx 200 series, maybe the 275. Im a gamer so id like to get something to support that but nothing really over $280. Can my computer use the 200 series cards and if it can which one would be best for my money? Ive done some research and as far as I can tell it can support them but I cant tell much difference between the 260, 275, 280, etc besides the price. Also, Im not sure what power supply i have or anything like that, is that important as well?
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  1. Hi there, can't really help you out because I'm not to clued in myself. One thing I do know, your power supply is very important, and the guys who know stuff will probably need to know what your power supply is before helping you out.
  2. how do u find out what power supply u have?
  3. i just opened it up and its 300W power supply
  4. Ah, I'm told that looking at the back at the sticker on the tower, or cracking her open and having a butchers can help. Again, I'm very inexperienced at this. Sorry I can't be more accurate.
  5. 300w, way not enough

    also your cpu will bottleneck any newer card you put in there, i really wouldn't recommend anything over the GTS250 (even that may be bottlenecked pretty bad)

    you would need a qaulity 550w for the GTX275
  6. = $124 $80 =$80 $100

    A total of 384USD. a phenom x3 720 2.83ghz, with a asus crosfireX motherboard( so u can add another extra graphics card in future if u need more performance), a 650W antec psu(in case u crossfire ur gfx in future) and a powercooler 4850.

    I will suggest sell ur current mobo processor psu and add something with ur 285USD budget and get this thing. not only u will be playing games smoothly but also a bit future proofing.
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