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Heyy. . . I've noticed that older parts come in large quantities and are easily obtainable for inexpensive awesomeness.

An example would be 3-3.6GHz P4s or Celerons [or Ds] for $20 - $50 being readily available. Another example would be lowend motherboards being available for $5-$20 and so on [you get my point].

Here come the questions.

I've seen this before -- I'd really like to put a whole bunch of low end parts together to make a computer that'll at least run crysis [x2? hehehehe].

Can anyone that has an extra moment inform me as to what/how . . . ?

The picture I saw had like 15 graphics cards. Don't ask me how. Literally it was at least 8, and I'm thinking more like 12. It was an old setup and was limited by the motherboard. I would say it was at least 5 to 10 years old.

How do I do any kind of multi-* setup like this?

I'd say specifically I'd like to rig up a multi-core with singles or low end duals [d's for instance].

And motherboards? Can they be combined? Or would it be easier [read: better/faster] to buy a bunch of combos, make my own "server casing", and run a network?

I apologize for the long posting.

Leave anything you have got.
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  1. I smell a Troll.
  2. Agreed, any old setup that was trying to run more than 3 graphics cards would have only yielded 1FPS on a good day.

    If you actually want build advice use the format shown here

    Otherwise dont post things that are physically impossible, it just makes you look stupid.
  3. Is it physically impossible to run a network of old parts to get faster speeds?

    I haven't seen this and figure I'd like to give it a try sometime.

    If, as a side project, I can put a bunch of parts together[read: taking mobos apart to make a better one], so be it -- how's it done?

    @the graphics card setup, I wish I could find it. The benchmarks were crazy, but, like I said, it was limited by the motherboard . I'll look for the picture - I think I'll find it easier on here than by Google.

    Keep the flames to a minimum. This is a legitimate question - I'm not looking for new parts [thanks anyway though]. I have an e8400, an ep45-ud3p, etc.

    This is a project I'd like to do.

  4. it is 100% impossible, and if it were possible, the room it is in would be about 100C or more.
  5. Older slower parts do not have the interconnect speed necessary to communicate sufficienctly fast to replicate even a core2quad, let alone an i7 or a skulltrail platform with xeons. Most things cannot make use of 4 processor cores let alone more than that, it takes alot of effort to get a sufficiently parrallel program for you to notice a difference. For most windows tasks it will perform as slow as a single pentium D would. The parts, programing experience, and trouble shooting skill puts this well outside of most peoples range of abilities.

    While it seems like a fun project, it is a waste of time and effort unless you have a specially made parrallel computing program designed for a supercomputer in which case you should be using a super computer with nVidia Tesla cards.
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