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Fluid/Hose/Box cleaning *pics*

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August 15, 2009 7:19:42 PM

Ok so I have been putting it off for much longer than I should have been, so I decided to change the fluid/hoses on my cooling system. The temps have recently risen from 38-39c idle when I put it together a year ago vs 42-43c idle currently (it is a hot summer in Florida though).
Went to the store, picked up 10' of 3/8" tubing. Then stopped at autozone and got some wet/dry sandpaper to lap my cpu as I had great results last time.

*disclaimer* THe pics were taken with my cameraphone, sorry.

First I removed the waterblock:

Holy crap is it dusty in there! Hard to see in the pic, but you can see where the circular waterblock was making contact with the cpu.

Next the CPU:

Wow it was even dusty inside the socket!

You can see better here where contact was made. Thermal past was zalman zm-stg1, which is what I used again this time.

Cleaned off, still though the heatsink left a 'permanent' mark on there if I wasnt going to lap the cpu.

Now I really messed up here when I started to lap the cpu. Like an idiot I skipped 220 and 400 grit and went straight to 600. Probably made the process 2-3times longer than it should have been.

after using 600grit for a few hours:

you can really see that it was pitted pretty good

Here I went up to 800grit for an hour or two:

...and I'm starting to get there...

and 1000grit:

much better here!


and 2000:

My digital camera is broken, wish it wasn't, the finish was like a mirror :) 

August 15, 2009 7:20:16 PM

and the waterblock too:

Ok so now that part was finished, and I have also taken every fan off the case and cleaned them with paper towels and compressed air. (no pics lol)

Had to drain the rest of the old fluid out then I would change the other hoses:

Put a new tube on the outflow and turned the pump on to drain it

no more coolant inside (or verrry little) I could now change the rest of the tubing:

and it was way past due lol.

ALl new tubing in ready for new coolant, you can also see there is NO dust anymore :)  :

Now this is where I ran into trouble. I re-filled the system and turned it on, expecting no problems.
When I boot I realize that I am getting no flow. Check for blockages or kinks in the tubing...there is none so I am lead back to the pump. I thought this was strange as the pump JUST worked to drain the system, but it had stopped.

After some thought (apparently NOT enough lol) I decided to disconnect the incoming flow tube to the pump. I turned on the system, crossed my fingers and blew into the pump..... faster than I could even realize the pump kicked in and fluid was spraying all over my face, the carpet and (VERY LUCKILY) the side of my case BEHIND the mobo tray.

No pics of the incident, well because I was blowing in a tube, but here is some of the aftermath..


anyway now that the pump was working, I filled the system back up from all the coolant the sprayed out. Turned it on and its up and running perfectly!

Also happy to report that temps are now 34-35c idle now at the same clock of 4.1ghz! so between the coolant change and lapping the cpu I dropped ~7-9c :sol: 
This is on a q9550, asus x48 p5e delux
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August 15, 2009 7:46:51 PM

Shadow703793 said:
1. We here recommend you run plain distilled with PT nuke. You don't want this to happen:

2. Specs of the WCloop?

3. Why the fan on top of the block?

4. Ambient temp?

1.)Holy crap that is nasty! I used zalman zm-g200 to refill the system, mixture 20:80 with distilled water...bad??? if so I'd rather change it now than later.

2.) swiftech 655pump/220rad/micro resivour

3.) I tried on/off it didn't change temps but it didn't affect noise, so I left it on?

4.)ugh freakin hot AC system says 84 but im not sure how accurate that is :( 

*edit* the CPU block is from an old system, don't know its specs exactly
August 15, 2009 8:00:16 PM

yah lol that was pretty gross. lol ketchup xD

i think the fan on the waterblock looked pretty cool/creative. nice setup, was that a 4890 under the hood?
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August 15, 2009 9:38:43 PM

1. If you have run this mix before and you haven't had problems, I don't see why you should drain again. Run Distilled + PT (or KillCoils) next time.

2. Nice set up.