Takes too long for XP to recognize WD Elements HD after clean install

I just finished doing a clean install of XP with SP3 on my HP laptop. My 2Tb Elements drive now takes over 10 minutes before it shows up on My Computer. It does eventually get recognized and then can be used but, in that 10 minutes, my laptop freezes up and I cannot use the computer at all until the Elements drive is recognized. The Elements drive starts right up on my other XP Toshiba laptop so I know that it isn't the Elements drive. I would like to keep it always plugged in my HP laptop and have it start up in less than 1 minute like it does on my other laptop and like it did before the clean install. Are there settings or updates that I may have I missed with my clean install?
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  1. Check your drive settings on the
    Toshiba laptop and compare it to the Hp laptop. I don't know if this will help or not.
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