I5 2500k temp vs performance question

Alright so I got my i5 oc'd to 4.5ghz, I previously had it at 4.3ghz.

But looking over my temps I can't help but wonder if the extra bit of oompf is worth the temperature gain I've seen.

So I'm asking for honest opinions =D

Here were the temps:

26-31 degree's.

Full Load:
57-62 degree's.

30-38 degree's.

Full Load:
63-73 degree's.

So it's a bit of a gain... I'm just wondering how much of an impact on performance I'll actually see with it... I don't plan on going any higher (Maybe one day)

And my system isn't on too often (Unless I'm gaming.) I just want full performance out of it for those times when I have time to play!

Any input would be grand, these temperature things always make me paranoid =S

System specs:
i5 2500k oc'd
CM Hyper 212+
16GB corsair vengeance 1600mhz
2x 560 ti SOC
650w PSU
asus p8p67 Pro mobo
windows 7
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    Zero performance gain on gaming. Keep it down where you feel comfortable.
  2. Why is it that much hotter? Are you auto volting?
  3. Good to know there's no performance gain.

    As for the voltage yes, would it lower if I manually tuned it?
  4. Auto will always set higher voltage, it's always best to manually OC. Find out what the auto is setting it too and then manually set it a little lower and stability test, repeat until it becomes unstable.
  5. Yes you will definitely be better off manually setting voltage.
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