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I've just finished buying all the parts for a brand new rig (see sig for details). I've had my previous rig for some time, and have been only an MMO and PS3 player for a long time. Before that (think Baldur's Gate and Starcraft) I was a PC Gamer, but only for MMOs since. Now that I have a top-end PC again, I'd like to get back into PC Gaming in addition to my MMO addiction and PS3.

What I'd like is some input on a good game or two with which to christen my new rig. I got the free Terminator Salvation game that nvidia throws at everyone who buys a video card, but I've heard its awful. I'm hoping for something to really dazzle me with how far PC games have come given the proper hardware. I'm generally not a huge fan of shooters, but I'm not against them either especially since they tend to be the most graphics-oriented, but if there's a good role-playing or strategy game, please throw that up here as well.

Thanks for providing as much advice as possible
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  1. You'll get more response in the games forum under software. But that won't stop me from throwing Fallout 3 in the fray. I'm like the FPS and RPG games and this does both with an emphasis on strategy and not just run and gun. The only caveat about the game is it crashes like crazy on me. I've tried patching, the single CPU thread fix, vsync, and still, crashes are regular. Sometimes I'll get a whole night crash free. But if it happens regularly, it really sucks the fun out of my game time. Going to try loading it into Win 7 RC and see if that works better.

    Crysis is a great game for visuals and the suit options do make it a pleasant variance on the FPS. Still a lot of run and gun, especially in Warhead.

    Its not a new game, but for a few bucks, Portal is great fun for a few hours of gameplay. One of the most original puzzle games I've ever played.
  2. Crysis is intensely demanding and its great seeing buildings collapse and trees cut in half as you machine gun them .
    But everything else about the game sucks harder than a vacuum cleaner on steroids

    Strategy games like Supreme Commander might interest you
  3. thanks guys -- i did post to games forum as well just to get both perspectives

    i've heard of crysis from an fps benchmark perspective but never from a gaming perspective so i guessed that it sucked as a game... i've got fallout 3 for PS3 already so i'd be hard pressed to buy it twice. i'll definitely check out portal and may even buy crysis if i can find it cheap

    anyone else got some other good ideas? something like fallout 3 without being fallout 3 is ideal
  4. Crysis, Bioshock, X-Men Origins Wolverine

    I don't care who disagrees with the last one :D.
  5. not every one agrees with me that crysis sucks

    I will get flamed for that comment very soon
  6. GTA 4, Bioshock ( havent played but looks cool ). Crysis, Farcry 2, assasins creed.
  7. hmmm get prototype
  8. Best bang for your buck the Orange Box. Strategy wise try Company of Heroes, World in Conflict, Supreme Commander, C&C series. Other good games are Bioshock Crysis Maximum edition- includes Crysis, Crysis Warhead, and Crysis Wars, and a game that I'd think you like Mass Effect. It's a third person shooter and you control two other teammates giving it a strategy feel.
  9. If you prefer RPGs, try Sacred 2, although it has some crash bugs also, discussed on their forum. There may be a patch; my game is updated, but I haven't played it since the update since I was reformatting my primary rig with the Win7 RC.
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