Dual Screen issue w/ HD4850

I have 24" and a 15" screen connected to my pc. The larger is the primary screen. When I open a game it distorts the smaller screen. It seems to push half of my dekstop from the main screen onto the extended desktop on the smaller screen. Any ideas? The large screen is set to 1920x1080 connected through dvi and the smaller screen is 1024x768 through vga.

AMD X2 4200+
XP Media Center w/ SP3
CCC is up to date
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  1. anybody?
  2. in order for that to not happen..they both need to be at a same resolution..it happend to me..you must put them both at any resolution but has to be the same on both..
  3. no i dont think so. first the smaller screen can't reach 1080p. second i tried playing world of warcraft at 1080p and it didnt happen. i've tried counter strike source, bioshock, fallout 3, and starcraft and they all mess the small screen up. weird. any more thoughts?
  4. this only happens when you play a game right? it's because your card cannot handle both screens at once while your playing a game.

    if this doesnt happen while you are just surfing the net then it proves that ur card being too noob as mentioned above.

    in order to farther verify this, change the larger monitor resolution to 1024x768 and play a game, keep the small monitor the same resolution.

    lol @witeboy07, when you have no idea what you are talking about, its better to shut up then make a fool outta yourself.
  5. sigh. the card and my proc can handle it. i can play world of warcraft maxed out and left 4 dead maxed out in 1080p on my main screen and at the same time video chat on the small screen. problem happens with fallout 3, starcraft, i think counter strike but i havent tried yet.
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