Will the heatsink fit?

I'm not certain if this is the correct location to post this, but here I am.

I've decided to replace the stock cooler on my e8400, but I'm not certain if the component I'll looking for will fit. I've read the dimensions, measured inside my case, I think it should, but I'm not certain. I was hoping you wonderful people would be able to help me.

The case I plan to put it in is the Antec Three Hundred Mini Tower Gaming Case.
The heatsink is the OCZ Vendetta 2 Triple Heatpipe CPU Heatsink (Which I've heard many good things about).

I've also heard mention of accompaning the heatsink with a mounting kit? That this apparently aids in the installation, (no push-pins) and aids in the cooling of the CPU.

Know that a 4870, 4GB's (2x2), and a Xi-Fi Fatality sound-card also take up space.

Please refer to the following links for detailed information and aforementioned components:

Mounting Kit

Again, my issue is that I'm uncertain the heatsink will actually fit, and if it will not I would appreciate being directed to one that will.

Thank you very much for you help!
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  1. The antec 300 is 8.1 inches wide

    the cooler is 6.26 inches high .

    Even though the mb doesnt side hard against the other side of the case that looks like there will be plenty of clearance to close the case

    Coolers can also conflict with heat sinks n the mb too
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