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Hey guys/gals,

I've current got an air-cooled Coolermaster HAF X case and was considering purchasing a Corsair H100 to help improve my CPU temps.

I've currently got all the fans on the case set up as they were on purchase, however I was considering reversing the top fan so that it would be pulling in air from outside the case to ensure the radiator which would be mounted just below the top fan was receiving cool air.

This however would mean that I'd end up with only one exhaust on the case, so I was thinking I could perhaps attach a 120mm fan to the front of the case where the 5.25" bays are so that the airflow would end up as I've illustrated below.

Does this sound like a feasible idea? I'd be grateful for any criticsms/better ideas.

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  1. Well, i have hafx case with h100 as well
    i have my top section exashting as i have my h100 setup to be blowing air vertically up.

    I too thought abuot changing the top section case fans to blow air inside rather than exhaust, but i thought that would be silly since the air flow would conflict with my h100 as i have the fans set to flow in an upwards direction. Hot air raises thats the thing, so i am thinking as long as the case remains cool, it should be blowing cool air towards my cpu heatsink.

    Well, you can always have another option is to reverse the h100. I dunno whats best really. Another thing i have considered was having 2 fans on top of case set as one to exhaust and one to blow cool air in, so the case can have a circular airflow effect.
  2. i would put the backtop fan blowing out the front top fan blowing in the front fans blowing in, the bottom fan blowing in, and the back blowing out. makes most since to me.
  3. Airflow works best when its going in 1 direction. Pulling from the top and bottom and pushing out the sides can create dead spots or turbulance. Now were also talking about heated air and we all now hot air rises. So why fight city hall? Pull the air in from the front, bottom and sides and push out the top and rear will keep the air moving steadily. I designed and installed air moving systems for a living and while there are countless laws of physics applied, the best systems can be built with common sence principles alone.

    Also keep in mind that the HAF X is a monster interior and even with the largest air cooled video cards in there, it has great air flow in stock form. I have the HAF 922 and a H100 and im finding that even while OC to 4.8, running Prime95 for hours I cant get my I5 more than 53*C. I have checked that with realtemp and 53C seems to be its max temp after a full prime95 test. My 922 is much smaller than the X case but still moves more than sufficient air to cool everything. The H100 is a big part of my cool temps also.

    This is how I built my system right from the get go, always keeping in mind that I can change fan config around if need be. But as It is now, after running many passes of cpu and gpu torture tests, Im keeping it the way it is. As I am seeing safe temps far under anything concidered even close to the safe maximum standard.

    Stock front 200mm fan pulling in.
    Optional 140mm base fan pulling in.
    2 optional 120mm lesft side panel pulling in.
    Stock 120mm rear fan pushing out.
    H100 rad in top with 4 120mm fans in a push pull configuration blowing out.
    PSU pulls in from bottom and out the rear so its not part of the case cooling solution.

    But another concideration is that you can always rearange fans easily enough and experiment to see what ultimately works best for you.
  4. man, we need a sticky!

    intake : front, bottom, sides. Exhaust : top, rear

    i have yet to see any set up work better than this basic rule right here. dont mess with success, just put the fans in everyone else does.. why? it works!
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