Slow down HAF case fans?

I have the HAF 932 Advanced case and was wondering if its possible to slow the case fans. My cpu temps are low and the case fans are really loud. How is it done? Thanks
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  1. The mobo controls the fans...if you have them plugged into the board. If they are simply plugged directly into the psu (only have power to them) then there is no control. Plug them into the designated spots on your mobo (Sys Fan 1, Sys Fan 2, etc.) then you can control speeds through your bios or software prog on your desktop.
  2. Thanks, I'll look and see how I have them configured and go from there.
  3. If the fan plugs are 4 prong plugs for IDE devices then you will need a fan controller to run in-line or do what I did with a loud fan was to force the connector in backwards which runs at 5v vs 12v, super quiet.
    Runs both type connectors, for IDE you would just piggy back them.

    Very nice case by the way!
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