Graphic card for Lcd Tv

Hi All,

I'll buy a new Lcd TV which is Samsung 32" B653.

I will use this TV as PC monitor for desktop applications like word ,excel and so on. and to watch mkv/divx/dvd/blue-ray movies .

basic features of the TV :
AUDIO CONNECTORS: Audio out,Headphone out,
MAX. RESOLUTION: 1920x1080
mage Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Connectors type: 1 x AV, 4 x audio, 1 x Component video, 2 x SCART, 1 x RGB, 1 x VGA, 4 x HDMI, 2 x USB, 1 x Ethernet RJ-45

would you suggest a graphic card for that Tv ?

The last point is, can i play First-Person Shooter PC games like Modern Warfare , Wolfenstein effectively ?

Thanks in advance..
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  1. We need more information on the rest of the computer: CPU, memory, powersupply (exact make and model) and motherboard.
    Also what are your expectations? With all the settings on max and with AA/AF full on you'll need a fairly powerful system, if you want/need/will tolerate less than the full whistles and bells graphics, something less powerful will suffice.
    And how much is in your pocket/credit card?
  2. Hi coozie7,

    also the computer will be new, i am gonna buy all parts from the rough.

    thats way you can make a suggestion for CPU,memory, motherboard. ;)

    my budget for the PC is approximately $1500 - $1750.

    Thanks again.
  3. You shouldn't need to spend quite that much. In that price range you'll want an i7 system.
    The cpu will cost you $280;
    A good motherboard for it can be had for less than $250;
    6 gigs of ddr3 will cost you $120ish;
    An 800+ watt PSU from a good company will be $120-150ish;
    An Antec 300 is a very nice case for a great price, $55;
    For hard drives it depends on how much storage you want. This one is very fast and a good choice for a main drive for $75;
    You'll probably want more storage space. Terabyte drives start at $80 these days;
    The only major component left is the video card. At that resolution I'd recommend an HD4890 for around $200. It should do very well at that resolution and if you ever decide you want more power you can always grab another one for crossfire;
    All this should be under $1200 I think. Keep in mind only spent 10 mins assembling this list. The choices are good but you can probably find better deals if you look a little.
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