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Netflix streaming unwatchable framerate on better hardware?

This has to be a driver issue or configuration problem right?

I was able to watch streaming video from Netflix without difficulty on my ancient 1.7Ghz P4 Vaio desktop with a GeForce 5900XT agp vid card and 512 MB of RAM - but on a 3.2Ghz Northwood CPU with Hyper threading and 4 Gigs of Dual Channel PC3200 RAM and HD 3850 I am getting a line by line sort of scrolling effect to wipe from one scene to the next? :cry: What gives?

Same internet and router and all up to the box itself, Same HDD out of old setup, and same software (same IE8, Windows XP SP3) but better hardware = worse performance? Something is clearly out of whack in my setup or drivers I guess, but I'm out of ideas as to where the problem is, though I suspect its the GPU somehow. What can I do to reclaim my ability to watch Buffy Vampire Slayer reruns on Netflix streaming? Or at least figure out which bit of the puzzle is not working right?

Any help would be beyond appreciated as this is my 5th day without my Buffy fix and I am getting cranky now with no Spike in my life...
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    Video drivers installed? HD turned on? Try to disable HD steaming. Although that computer should be able to run on HD with no issues.

    You said you used the same hard-drive as from an old system, did install all the drivers, chipset, video, etc...?
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  3. Thanks - I have SPUFFY back in all its glory! It did turn out to be a driver issue with the GPU after all, though I had everything updated: the latest batch of AGP Hotfix catalyst drivers doesn't seem to agree with the HD 3850 despite what the release notes say. After being totally unable to locate archived versions on the ATI/AMD site, I finally found a complete history of releases on the Sapphire website that work fine with my HIS card. I rolled back to an older set that seemed widely agreed upon as working well on this card - Installed 9.9 AGP hotfix instead and problem solved. Will step up from there until I hit another version that breaks it again unless anyone knows for sure and can tell me what the most recent stable working version is.

    Good to know that the system should be able to handle HD, though; since I am not a gamer, the HD video stuff was pretty much my only frustration on my old hardware. I was a little concerned about the 3.2 Northwood crippling the GPU to the point where I'd have to invest in a whole new setup, which seemed a bit silly just to be able to stream video on the internet! I knew something wasn't right though when it was actually worse than on the 1.7 Ghz P4 with the 5900xt!

    But I think the latest browser versions are not suitable for older processors at all, as even the simplest web surfing seems to chew up cpu at 5x the previous rate for the same tasks. Too bad the motherboard is limited to a 478 socket or I would probably be quite content with a proper dual core CPU and not have to upgrade all the software and hardware to do pretty much whatever I needed to. I hate having to get all new stuff to accomplish the same things just because things don't play nice with each other.

    (But, hey, I really can't complain. I guess a 10 year run on my old VAIO was a pretty decent stretch as far as all that goes. It really shows the advantage of buying high end to begin with and being able to upgrade in smaller bits. When we were buying Mac, we'd end up going on the inexpensive side which meant EOL tech and playing catch up every other year or so having to start from scratch again. My Mac graveyard holds several generations worth of corpses, but I've been able to keep my turn of the milennium VAIO until very recently. If this build weren't based on a 478 socket I could almost be up to date on it too.)
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