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Hello people,

I am building my first computer and it's going to be a media computer (to plug in to my 40" LCD living room TV - I am not going to be gaming on it and I won't be overclocking. My main concerns are that it is to be quiet and efficient.

I am going to use it as a DVR, so it needs to be able to enter sleep mode when I am at work and automatically turn on to records programmes and shut itself off again after.

I have a satellite dish and an aerial so I would like to be able to record DVB-T and DVB-S and the tuner card should have dual tuners for each.

I will also want to watch Blu Ray films and the few available freesat channels in high definition, so full 1080p is required.

Specs so far:-

Antec Fusion Remote Max

4GB RAM - unsure what type

Asus M4A785TD-V

AMD Athlon II X2 240

Samsung F1 1TB HDD

Windows 7

Dual DVB-T Dual DVB-S tuner card

PSU - have now idea which make or power rating.

Would be grateful to know firstly whether the above spec would be recommended and if not, what changes you would make - would it be powerful enough to say record two channels as well as watching a live HD programme at the same time?

Secondly, are there any bits I am missing.

Thirdly, can anyone recommend the RAM and TV tuner and PSU I should use?

Your comments would be very much appreciated.
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  1. I think the 785 mb platform is the best home theater system available right now .

    The gfx are strong enough to stand alone and the power savings over a discrete gfx card is a very good idea

    You will need DDR3 ram on that mb . 1333MHz is fine , and since heats an issue look for low voltage as well as low timings .

    The cpu is probably strong enough , but for a little more you can get an X3 710 .

    The tv tuner and its software will determine whether it can wake and record . Hauppauge make some great products

    A 380/400 watt psu will be plenty . Total system draw is likely to be well under 200W
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