CPU upgrade for my Gateway p-7805u

I would like to upgrade the cpu in my laptop. It came with a p8400 2.26 ghz 3mb L2 cache. It also has 4gb ram and a nvidia 9800gt 1gb graphics card.

I am looking at the T9600 and the T9800. They are 2.8 and 2.9 ghz and 6mb L2 cache. There is about a $50 price difference.

World of Warcraft is the game I play the most. What kind of performance should I expect from the upgrade, and is the .1 ghz worth $50.

I noticed a version of the T9600 for Mac. Will that one work as well? Is there anything in particular I should stay away from if I choose to buy from a private seller?

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  1. the mac version will not work since it is locked for Macs only

    Go with the T9600 the .1 ghz is nothing at all, and yes u will see a slight difference in the game with the T9600 due to higher clock speed and double the L3 cache

    about plus 5 fps or so and better multitasking
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