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Good morning hardware folks,

Lately I have been getting these artifacts on my monitor, they are like long or broken lines of different colored pixels. They will go away if I refresh the page or switch from one window to the other. I've had people tell me this is my graphics card overheating, but I have checked on this and the card and heatsink are cool to the touch. I realize though that it may be my graphics card is simply going out. I don't know.

I would like to ask everyone to recommend me a new card. My system is ...

Mobo: Gigabyte P35-DS4(rev.2.1)
OS: Windows XP Home (SP3)
CPU: Intel Quad Q6600
Graphics Card: Diamond ATI Radeon X1650 Pro 512MB
Heatsink: Thermalright Ultra 120E
Extras: Sunbeam Multi-Port, Lite-On LH-20A1S DVDRW Sata drive, SeaGate 350GB, and acomdata 500GB external SATA

I am not interested in games or any of the HD stuff. I use my computer for graphic design work. I would like to get a Nvidia card again. I have an old GeForce card in my other PC (which I gave to my mom) and it's still going strong. Besides, with the ATI card I can no longer get any driver updates, because ATI is no longer providing them for non-HD cards.

Thank you.
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  1. ATi 4870, great card, good price. Or even a 4850. Both are great cards. But if you have to have an Nvidia card for every day use and such, the one above is a good card. Can't beat that rebate.
  2. Thanks to both of you :) Yeah, I want a Nividia card because of the reason I said in my first post. Besides, I miss the Nividia control panel - it was much more user friendly than the ATI one.
  3. Haha, agreed. I like the control panel in my old 9500 GT better. That was a good card, but won't hold up in heavy gaming. But, since you don't do heavy gaming, maybe that would be a consideration?
  4. thesupermedium said:
    ....maybe that would be a consideration?

    Can you give me a link?

    This is a list on Newegg of all the 9500 series cards. Personally, I like Xfx as a brand, and I've heard great things about EVGA. I had a Galaxy card, and it worked great. Also, look for ones with 1GB of RAM or DDR3 if you want to get an edge over the other ones.
  6. Thanks superman. I like the XFX and EVGA brands myself. So far on the two pages you linked me to I've found the following ...

    EVGA 01G-P3-N958-LR GeForce 9500 GT 1GB DDR2

    EVGA 01G-P3-N959-TR GeForce 9500 GT 1GB GDDR2

    ASUS EN9600GSO GeForce 9600 GSO 512MB GDDR3

    Nice cards, but no DDR3 except for the Asus (although it's only 512MB).
  7. Well, I'd say you picked some good cards. The Asus is a 9600, which has more power, and DDR3, so I'd say that would give you the best performance.
  8. thesupermedium said:
    The Asus is a 9600, which has more power, and DDR3, so I'd say that would give you the best performance.

    agreed. :)
  9. You guys are awesome. God bless you both for your help. Here I thought I was going to have to dump big bucks to get a card and you provide me with one for less than a hundred - praise God!

    Thank you :)
  10. I use my computer for graphic design work

    What type of graphics design work? For intensive work, you'll need a $500-$2000+ Quadro series Nvidia card.

    For basic graphics design, those GPUs will do fine. Although I suggest a GTS250 by Galaxy...a better performer for $99
  11. Ok, I've been doing some comparison shopping. I would like to have dual DVIs because one of these days I'd like to have a second monitor. So far I've only located one card that I'm interested in....

    EVGA GeForce 9800 GT 1GB 256-bit GDDR3

    Let me know your opinions (based on what I stated in my first post).

    Thank you.
  12. in the OP you said that you use your pc mainly for graphic design work.considering you can do your work using your old using x1650 pro thats why i'm suggesting 9600GSO in the first place. 9800GT is considered as quite good card for gaming unless you want to play GPU intensive games with everything max out + high resolution such as Crysis :D

    since you're not interested in games maybe should consider this:
  13. Thanks, Renz. That's a sweet card, too.
  14. Honestly, I'd never pay that much for a 9800 Card. You could pick up a 4850 for less, and in my opinion, it's a superior card. But, if you really want an Nvidia, and you want to spend near the $150 range, look at some of the newer GTX 200 series cards. That would be the next step, because the 9000 series is older technology.
  15. Well the front runner is still the card you guys linked me to in the beginning - the ASUS EN9600GSO. It only has 512MB of RAM, but then it's only fifty-five bucks. Of course any other suggestions and links to other cards is appreciated.

    Thank you.
  16. for $150 price range maybe you can get something like these:

    but it will ultimately defeat the purpose of this thread. :pt1cable:
    besides these card are power hungry so you might have to change your PSU as well

    anyway i think its best to buy a card that served your actual need. its a complete waste of money to buy powerful card when all those power are not used or needed. its like driving 50km/h all the time using F1
  17. I agree, Renz. That's why I'm keeping my focus on the Asus card. Unless more graphical power equated to better quality for my design work then it would be a waste of my money.
  18. Ah the 4870 is what I have. It runs every program I throw at it, and then some. It is an ATI, but I've heard good things from others, and my experience as a system builder has been great with it, although that 260 looks pretty tempting. If you feel like you don't need the higher end power, then spend the $50 on the good enough card. Do you do some heavy 3d design, or just blender and such?
  19. superdude, I do mainly graphical work with Photoshop and Illustrator, plus I usually have several other windows and apps open a the same time. That's the reason I bought a Quad when I built this computer - people told me it would be a good CPU for running multiple apps. However, I have learned that's not exactly true.

    Quite often when I have PS, AI, and other things open and I'm working in one of my graphics programs the computer bogs down considerably. I have to close a few things to get some semblance of speed going again. This kind of ticks me off because I spent three months researching everything before I put this computer together. I know I have enough RAM (I have 2gigs) so it can't be that.

    So anyway, graphics card ... Asus in the lead. :)
  20. if u r heavy user of photoshop and illustrator + u open several other windows and maybe also browsing the net the main thing u need to focus on is having a lot of ram and a good cpu. photoshop is cpu dependent program. So i will say go for 4gb ram u will definately see performance gain. And for graphics card a card with 512MB video memory is good for photoshop because greater image requires more video ram than gfx processing speed. So my suggestion is:

    Buy another 2gb of ram stick so a total of 4gb

    Buy GTX260 with 896mb vram like renz said:

    Overclock ur processor if u can.
  21. So I should have 4Gigs of RAM, even though I've read that Windows XP (Home) will only utilize three? Probably a good idea. I mean, if I'm buying the card then I should also get some RAM while I'm at it. I already have two gigs of G.SKILL PC2 6400 so I'll just get two more. Always nice to add things to your shopping cart :)
  22. the 32bit windows will read it as 3.2gb. but if u r using vista 64 bit then it will show 4gb ram. yes 4gb ram will give u performance boost u will see significant difference if u add 4gb for the works u r doing. ur old graphics card(artifact) i think is out. u need new graphics card but photoshop doesnt really require a very good graphics card. U can go with low end cards but the one that reanz has spoted a gtx260 in just $135 u should grab it because it has higher video ram which will help u when u decode or work with higher resolution image and it has the gfx power if u need it in gaming ;) so very good value for the money i say
  23. Well, the cards Renz linked to are huge. I don't need anything that honking big, lol. Also, they don't get very favorable reviews and they aren't any better than the Asus in that regard.
  24. ok. but evga is number 1 manufacturar in gfx in usa. we dont have evga here i always wish evga was here.. anyways if u want shorter asus card then maybe this one is for u>
  25. and if u want really cheap card with performance here is another asus card that will give u performance in very little dollar . if u only using photoshop and illustration this card 9600gso will not do bad has 512mb video ram and pretty much do ok. but if u want to play game beside these works then i will recommand the first one that is 4850
  26. Thanks for the link, redwine, but that's the same card we've been discussing. Also, I have no interest in games - at least not on the computer anyway :)
  27. Get this:

    GTS250, aka 9800GTX/GTX+

    Outperforms the 9800GT. 9800GT 1GB can't use all 1GB of RAM btw...
  28. Bluescreen, thanks, but ... which one are you referring to?
  29. I agree with the others, 2GB of RAM isn't enough for heavy multi tasking, especially if they are demanding programs, plus you probably run anti-virus too. I see now that you probably don't have a huge case, or maybe a micro ATX setup. With that in mind, going with a single slot card seems to be a good choice. That 9800 GT you brought up would do you well, but the 9600 would do you well enough. Just keep in mind if you get a higher res monitor, or upgrade to Windows 7, you will miss that extra 512 MB of Graphics memory. Just try to keep the future in mind.
    Dual DVI, 1GB of memory, around $100, 9800GT. I don't know much about the brand, EVGA would probably be much better, but the price is right on this one.

    I'd say just go with the 9600 GSO. It will do you just fine.
  30. I built this computer last year and when I did I started with a pretty big case - the Ultra m998. You can see it here. I planned ahead when buying the components for this new PC so I've got more than enough room for whatever I need. You can see the inside of my rig here. I also got a 22" widescreen LG monitor. You can see my whole set up here.
  31. Ok, I got the Asus card and 2gigs of G.Skill sittin in my shopping cart on Newegg. Just waiting on the money.....

    Thanks for the help everyone :)
  32. :) happy photoshoping :)
  33. Ah nice rig, and good choice on the card, hope it works out for you!
  34. Guys I have another question. I am wondering now if I shouldn't also get an extra fan or two to provide more airflow inside my case? If you look at the photos below you'll see my tower is down in this little cubby hole and it barely slides in there. But I still think I can get some fans on that side panel.

    Now my problem is I don't know squat about airflow inside a case. Should I put fans blowing out or in on the side panel? And what type of fans would be best? Right now I have some foam over those side panel holes to keep the dust out. The case only has three fans (120mm) - one on the Thermalright 120 UE, one in the front ,and one in the back (not including the PSU fan).

    Thanks for your input.

    - Sorry, I thought maybe this would be better posted in another section of the forum so I put it here.
  35. really u dont need any more fans. from the look i can say that u r pretty much safe in tempurature there are a lot of space inside ur casing i can see. and that case is pretty much big and 3 fans blowing out/in enough air for ur rig. check ur temperature via rivatuner or speedfan. if ur processor is idling at 45'c or around u r pretty much safe. and the card 9600gso doesnt emit too much heat also. So dont worry about the fans.
  36. According to Everest my CPU temp is 29. The four cores are ...

    1) 29
    2) 29
    3) 29
    4) 24

    I guess that would be good?

    I was just thinking better airflow all around not just for the case but for the new card.
  37. That's excellent. My Phenom II runs 40c, which is high for my liking, but acceptable. You'll be okay, don't waste your money.
  38. Ok, thanks again. You guys rock :)
  39. Here's how your fan configuration should go.

    Front: Intake - Get cold air in.
    Side: Intake - Direct cooling of video card.
    Rear: Exhaust - Get heat out.
    Top: Exhaust - Heat rises.

    I just ordered the ASUS EN9600GSO myself.
    With 96 SP and 512MB of DDR3 it should be a good enough interim card for me.
    I had a 9800GT but I foolishly sold it after buying a 4890.
    Little did I know that I would have to RMA the 4890 a few weeks later.

    9600GSO should be good enough to hold me till 5870 finally comes out.
  40. dcinmich said:
    According to Everest my CPU temp is 29. The four cores are ...

    1) 29
    2) 29
    3) 29
    4) 24

    I guess that would be good?

    I was just thinking better airflow all around not just for the case but for the new card.

    those are good temp for CPU :)
    my pentium 4 3.0Ghz OC @ 3.3Ghz idle temp is around 31C~35C :D (stocked cooler, fan running on 40%)
  41. Ok, another question ... just found out my PSU has the 6-pin PCIe plug to run the Asus EN9600GSO (w00t!), but I noticed the card comes with a power cable of it's own which you can see in this pic below ...

    What is this power cable for and where does it go in my computer?

  42. if u have the 6pin pcie connector from the psu u dont need that power cable. it is just the molex or converter for those who dont have the pcie connector
  43. Thanks, redwine :)
  44. You folks are so helpful I got another question :)

    I know what the PCI-E 16x1 slot is for and the regular PCI slots at the bottom, but what is PCIE_16_2 and PCIE_1, 2, and 3 for?

  45. Oh crap. that means u can run 2 graphics card in ur system for extra performance. Generally it is for gaming. People who need extra performance snap another gfx in the system so that they can have more fps or more performance ingame. But u didnt tell that before i just checked gigabyte site to know if it supports sli(process in which 2 of the nvidia cards are run togather for higher performance) or crossfire(process in which 2 of the ati radeon cards run togather for higher performance). unfortunately for u it doesnt support dual NVIDIA card. it supports dual ATI cards. If i knew it earlier i would tell u to go with ATI. becoz in future if u ever need graphics power u can simply add another ATI and snap it there and ur 2 cards combined would give u much better performance.

    For ur card connect it to PCIE 16_1
  46. Thanks, Red. I listed my system specs in my first post.

    The reason I didn't consider another ATI card is because it would have to be an HD card - ATI doesn't support non-HD cards anymore. I would have no use for a HD card since I have nothing to utilize with it. Another reason is that I don't like the Catalyst control panel. I miss my Nvidia control panel I had with my old GeForce 5600.

    I would never need dual cards because I have zero interest in PC games. I don't really see the point since I already have a WII to play video games on. As for the dual DVIs I can always run a second monitor off the VGA port on the Asus card, since a second monitor will only be used for shoving off stuff while I'm working on my design projects.
  47. PCIe slots 1,2,3 & PCIe 16-2 can be used for TV, sound, raid cards etc.
  48. Just ordered this this morning from Newegg....

    ASUS EN9600GSO GeForce 9600 GSO 512MB

    G.SKILL 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)

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