Raid0 and OS on SSD

So i have my OS WINDOWS 7 on my SSD and i have a new Raid0 for storage got everythign up and running great one problem .... When i click on computer I am only showing my SSD drive in there whitch is non raid. I went into my device manager and everything was in there i even DL the Intel Rapid Storage Tech. And that even shows that everything is there my Raid0 and it even shows my SSD card. So has this happend to anyone?
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  1. Your HDD (Raid, or non raid) will not show up in "My Computer" untill it has been inialized.
    Go to Window 7 Disk management, initalize, partition and format; then all will be fine
  2. Wow so Simple ... Its funny how we sometimes over look the most simple things.... Thank you IT WORKS!!!!
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