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I have a Acer laptop which had a corrupt Windows installation, so I couldn't boot from the hard drive.

The user doesn't have recovery discs and the Alt F10 Recovery option wasn't available, even though the hidden recovery partition is there PQSERVICE.

In order to get to the files, a copy of Windows XP Pro was installed, but it won't activate - that that isn't a problem for me as I will remove it before the 30 days.

I was given a recovery disc set designed for another computer. Although it didn't work - the next time I booted the laptop it ran the eRecovery program and restored Windows 7 onto it, which is fantastic !!!

My problem is that the system is still booting to Windows XP which is on the D partition, and not to Windows 7 which is on the E partition. There is another partition called C called "SYSTEM" but it contains nothing apart from a hidden Program files folder !

How do I tell the computer to boot from the recovered E partition so I can start using Windows 7 and create the Recovery discs needed ? Then I can delete Windows XP.

Thank you very much in anticipation of your help to resolve this problem.

Julia Evans
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  1. I'm delighted to say that this problem was easily resolved for me (by a member of another forum to which I posted this query) - he recommended using "Easy BCD".

    With this, I was able to quickly and easily add Windows 7 to the Boot Manager - and as soon as I rebooted the laptop, Windows 7 is starting up fine, and I can format the partition on which XP resided and use it for data storage.

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