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Asus maximus 4 extreme z68

will that motherboard fit in side a corsair 600t (white)
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  1. No. It looks like the 600t supports atx and micro atx. the motherboard is extended atx.
  2. so what case would be optimum for this motherboard? with great air cooling and wire management?
  3. what's your budget?
  4. about 150 or lower.
  5. Here are three great cases:

    Newegg lists them all at $160 but if you look around you can usually find them for under $150 depending on where you live.
  6. or what motherboard would be just as good as the asus maximus 4 that is z68 version but regular size (ATX)
  7. i live in hawaii.. so the shipping is very expensive.. =(
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    I'm glad you asked - I'm not a fan of the maximus 4. Your two best choices are as follows:

    ASRock Z68 Extreme7 Gen3

    Personally I think the ASRock Extreme7 is the best choice in high-end Z68 motherboards. It supports x16/x16 mode for PCIe slots, its PCIe x16 slots are 3.0 instead of 2.0, it has onboard video ports (a very nice backup), and the gold caps are nice. Not to mention it's considerably cheaper than the UD7 and Maximus 4.
  9. oh. asrock is a new company? i have never heard of them. how reliable are they in motherboards?
  10. ASRock is somehow related to ASUS (I don't remember exactly what that relationship is off-hand) and they are a good and reliable brand. They're offering a lot of feature-packed motherboards in several price ranges recently.
  11. ohh.. ok.. thanks.. i think i will go with the extreme 7.. have you had any personal experiences with that board your self? because some of the reviews on newegg are bad.. but still 4/5 stars so its still good..
  12. No, I haven't. Honestly, every motherboard is going to get a lot of bad reviews that it probably doesn't deserve. Motherboards are difficult to create and when you buy a motherboard there's just a certain chance that you get a DOA board. Those people usually give one star because they're mad, but that's not really fair - sometimes you just get a bad board and you have to RMA it but it doesn't mean that all of those boards are bad. Newegg is great about RMAing boards. ASUS and ASRock have great customer service so I imagine they'll be good with RMAs. I personally think MSI customer service is horrible, and I don't know anything about Gigabyte.
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