Games crashing to desktop, wierd temp at 120C

Hi. I recently had a thread about this and thought I solved my problem by taking out a video card that was emitting alot of heat. But just today, the same thing happened. Now I have recently noticed a temperature in HWmonitor called tmpin2 which right now is 111C (231F). Is this actually a real temp or is HW monitor reading it wrong?? Also, could this be the cause of my sudden crashes and desktop artifacts ever since I upgraded my mobo????
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  1. If that heat temp is correct you have a cooling prob for sure. And yes high heat can cause sudden crashes and artifacts.
  2. TMPIN2 is often the Northbridge in HW Monitor. To verify this, try shutting down and going into the Hardware Monitor function within your BIOS. It may be labeled as Case, Northbridge, or Motherboard there.

    And with a temp that high, it's a pretty safe bet there is a definite problem with that motherboard and that this is in fact the cause of your problems. Try running with the side-panel removed and with a fan blowing into the case to see if it helps. If it doesn't significantly lower the temp, then I think you should contact the manufacturer and RMA it. That is, unless you can still return and exchange it at the place of purchase.
  3. I often have a temperature on my boards that is way above normal. It is usually just a port they did not hook up or calibrated horribly. Unfortunately, there is no standardization in how the MB manufacturers hook up the temp sensors, so all HWMonitor can do is guess. I'd try the above suggestions, but don't be surprised if that temp stays high.
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