Site:tomshardware com windows xp ebay graphics are blurred

My windows xp is blurred on with items not shown to list items for sale. Only occurs on I.E. 8.
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  1. Only in ebay? Can you post a screenshot?
  2. I will try to post a screen shot. My video card passed the Microsoft test as ok.

    I appreciate your interest.

  3. The screen shot is in my pics and I can not pull it up with the options in Tom's Hardware. It shows the sign in & Register words in Ebay sign in page as : ssiiggnn iinn and Rreeggiisstteerr .Both blurry.

  4. That's the only issue, only on that site? Try deleting the temp files and cookies (you'll lose some of your saved passwords after you do that). Also hit CTL + F5 to force a reload of the page.
  5. My IE 8 does the same on Face Book and Ebay. It does not show all of the print or pics on the pages.

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