Need bios info for p5k

i need someones help that has a ASUS p5k. What i did is changed the Advanced > Chipset Settings > North Bridge Chipset Configuration and when i was here i set the mother board to disable my video pci card or something. Well now i cant see anything. So what i am looking for is a number of key strokes to change this setting back.

After i get back to where i can see something maybe we can look at my aunderlining problem as well.

thanks in advance James
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  1. So my original problem was, I have a 8800 gt on my board and i use a projector and my monitor at the same time quite a bit. Well about a week ago i had a bad stick of memory so i have yet to put my computer back where it goes so i my projector was not plugged in. I went to plug it in last night (and my dumb ass did it while it was on, like i have so many other times) and bam i had black screen on my monitor. So i then check the projector and same thing. Well after about a hour i knew something ont he settings either on the card or the bios had changed when i plugeed the projector in.

    I used to be able to boot into bios np but when windows came on it word kick both of them off. I did alot of googling( thats how i found this site :) ) and found 1 person who had the same problem and he typed out like a page of step by step he did to fix it . Well neededless to say it didnt fix mine. When i was in there thought i found that in North Bridge Chipset Conf. i can change if widnows controls the display or the bios. well i changed the wrong thing now i cant even see the bios ..............
  2. noone??????????????/
  3. 1. Take out CMOS battery and let sit for 15 minutes or so.
    2. Put battery back in, reboot, hit DEL* key when prompted to open BIOS the F5* to restore system defaults.
    3. Set system date and time, save and exit BIOS
    4. Re-enter BIOS and put settings back as per your components. Download and read the manual as you do this.

    * Going from memory on these, you should be prompted and given the keys which is why my lazy arse never commits to memory :)
  4. Thanks alot jack this solved it! I looked into this more and found its a bios reset lol
    I wish i would have thought about a soft reset before on the mother board

    Thanks agian jack i realy appreciate it
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