Supreme FX X-FI Sound Card Issue ?

hey guys ! i got here the Asus Ex-58 EXTREME RAMPAGE II ! i had the Supreme FX X-FI Sound card with it ! so everything was working normally until i installed this feature ! and when i did ! i had a message telling me to put the S-N of the program so i found the S-A on the CD holder however it wasnt working and it kept telling me its not valid ! i was working on Windows XP 32 Bit at the time and ive noticed some features over there like the Crystallizer and Equalizer stuff like that anyway ! when i started with Windows 7 i had to download the drivers for the 64 bit system ! i downloaded the program but first of all : i can not locate the S-A number message anymore it doesnt appear ! second of all : the whole features of the Supreme Sound card is gone all i got left is Speakers and Mixer thats it nothing more nothing less ! i tried to log on the files in the system of Creative but didnt work ! can someone tell me please whats that problem ? and how to get this S-N message back ? i hope u would tell me also about this S-N problem i came with thnx all !
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  1. I suggest you forget about using the management program for your sound card, and try controlling the sound settings through Windows Audio. IIRC, Control Panel should feature all the options you can change.
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