4GB of 6GB posting in Bios and Windows 7...need help please...


I've just recently put togther my new i7 920 build and am having a small issue with the RAM. I've got 6GB of Corsair XMS3 (CMX6GX3M3C1600C7). In the Bios and Windows 7 it's displaying only 4GB. What's strange is that CPUz is shwoing Tripple Buffered RAM, correct timings and all three sticks. Memtest86+ is showing the 3 slots taken up by the 2GB sticks, but is still only showing 4GB at the top.

My Mortherboard is an Asus Rampage II Gene. I've posted there with no answers =(.

A few things I've none:
1. Manually set timings and voltage
2. removed each stick and booted fine
3. reset CPU
4. Ran Memtest86+ with 0 errors

I'm really at a loss here. Any suggestions would be VERY helpful!

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  1. Quick update: I placed eack 2GB stick of ram in DIMM 2 too see if the PC would boot. It would boot on two of the three, but one of them it would not. Is this bad?
  2. Read this http://www.codenamewindows.com/?p=1168 No it is not bad, you have to arrange your RAM In a certain order. The usual is: If you ahve 4 slots and 2 sticks, put in slot 1 and 3, if you have 3 stick then 1-2-3. ECT ECT Hope this helps.
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