How well will this system run?

Hey just wondering how well would this system run on gta 4?

AMD Phenom II x2 550
Gigabyte MA720-US3 AM3 Motherboard
4gb corsair 4gb ddr2 800mhz
Sapphire hd4850 512mb
enermax 535w duel rail PSU

I had a look at this benchmark on the cpu,2324-10.html
and it says that it gets 40 fps on average for high settings , high af, no AA, and a resolution of 1680x1050.

the reason i ask this is 40 fps is pretty good and most people are having trouble running on medium settings and what not.
40 fps just seems higher than i expected for that cpu, even tho it is a fast duel core.
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  1. Don't worry you will get good performance.
    But install all patches before playing.
  2. those benchmarks were done with a 4890 .

    The 4850 is a weaker gfx card and you will not get those frame rates at that resolution and quality settings
  3. should be able to play most every game out there at that resolution i believe just fine long as you don't turn up the AA. You should note though that it is the gpu or video card that will mainly determine your framerate as long as your gpu isn't being held back by your cpu.

    In the link you posted they are using the same cpu as you in part of the tests but they are using a 4890 as a video card instead of the 4850 you have chosen to use in your rig so don't expect quite as high of frame rates as they have posted.

    sorry if i got something wrong, but i don't think i have too much! :P
  4. ^ Agreed, but it will also run decent with less powerful hardware under resolutions of 1920x1080.

    Left 4 dead also runs much better with a quad than a dual core. ( from what I've seen )
  5. Thats bloody good to know im getting this computer on wednsday so i cannot wait!
    i think i would still get near those frames because the hd4850 is a very good card
  6. Hd 4850 is a very good card no doubt abt that.
    But this game is processor hungry.Doesn't need a Very big gfx card.
  7. expect 15-20 FPS less the 4890 is way better then 4850. You get what you pay for.
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