I5 slow boot times

system specs:
gigabyte z68 mo-bo
8 gigs dual channel 1600mhz ram
7200rpm WD caviare green HDD 32mb cache
MSI GTX 460 cyclone
win7 x64 ultimate
the rest isnt relevant

from pressing the power button to a usable desktop takes 1:25. every other computer in the house [2 c2d's, and a pentium 4] all boot faster than it

i have played around with the BIOS for a quite a while and installed windows 3 different times. originally the HDD was using IDE so i reinstalled windows to use AHCI which was unstable [dont know why], i eventually installed with single drive RAID. did a few full formats and every windows install was fresh. i set it so that the HDD was first in boot priority, made sure it was in a master sata port, tried multiple sata ports [including the SATA 1, 2, 3 compatible port, but didnt try the SATA 3 marvel because its ONLY SATA 3] and turned off non essential features [USB 3.0 and firewire] and a few other things i saw in forums but 1:25 is as fast as it will boot.

i think its because the drive is SATA I and its a green instead of a blue or black series WD, in not sure. [green is low, blue is mid, black is high performance]

when i had it in my other computer i was seeing write speeds from HDD to HDD of up to 72mb/s

using msconfig i set it to boot using all 4 cores and all RAM to try and speed it up

after it boots everything is fast, but i heard that cold bot times for a standard HDD on i5 should be around 45-55 seconds.

i am thinking about buying a 64gig SATA 3 SSD from newegg to use as a boot drive or for intel smart response.

i transfer large files from 3 computers over LAN quite frequently. the primary use for it is gaming [thats what i built it for] i will be using it for CAD in a few weeks when classes start and i would like to get my rig running how its supposed to before then because the summer semester at college is hectic and demanding since you do the courses in 5 weeks

any help or suggestions regarding boot times or switching to an SDD/smart response will be much appreciated.
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  1. Check the boot time. It is normally set for 30 sec.
    Change it to 0 sec. Go to control panel/system/advanced setting/startup and recovery. Here you can change your boot time. You may be right about it being a sata1 drive.
  2. Yeah, that sounds like the hard drive is bottlenecking your system a little bit. The 'Green' drives are usually only 5200 RPM and while they are okay for data storage, they aren't very good for running operating systems or programs. It will simply take longer for the slower drive to access the necessary data, increasing your loading and boot up times. For a boot drive, look for something at least 7200 RPM for good performance. SATA I may also cause a bottleneck for some of the faster drives, but I doubt a 'Green' drive would manage to saturate SATA I's bandwidth.
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