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hi there,
i would like to know what problems that i may have if i acces to an unsecured wireless network
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  1. Do you mean a neighbour's wifi network which they failed to secure?

    You shouldn't really do it because in most jurisdictions it counts as theft.

    Though hard to detect unless you start hogging their bandwidth or messing with their system.

    May be unwise too as if they can't even figure how to secure wireless, who knows whether they have configured anti-virus or anti-malware software.

    Most of the above refers to you too if your question is whether you can run your own wifi unsecured !
  2. using wireless of my neighbour is being a theft?
    aw i havent known about this :(
    thanks for reminding me
  3. Don't feel bad about, to be frank when this wireless lark started, for several months I inadvertently connected to a local business instead of flatmate's wifi.

    When the router owner moved out I was rather surprised that my internet service continued. When I realised what was happening I took the view that a signal penetrating my home without my consent was a bit like windfall apples from a neighbour's tree.

    Nowadays every neighbouring wifi -- more than 30 of them at a casual count -- all are secured.
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