Pentium D cooler for 65nm Quad Core?

Would a heatsink/cooler rated for cooling mainly Core2Duos and PentiumDs be ok to use for a 65nm Quad Core (ie Q6600 or Q6700)?

I've heard that Pentium Ds generate almost as much heat as a quad core. Would a cheap cooler such as the CL-P0441 that has been rated for Pentium D's be better than the 65nm Quad's stock cooler?

This is the HSF/cooler of interest:
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  1. Any Socket LGA775 or Socket T cooler should work. Since quad cores ARE the norm now, if they can't handle their heat, they wouldn't be on the market.

    There isn't any aftermarket cooler that is worse than the intel cooler... (I bet some forum junkie will say I'm wrong here. So sue me.)

    I think you can do better...

    That's much a better cooler for about $30.
  2. Yeh, I actually had the Artic 7 Pro, but gave it to a friend. I'm reading about the newest revision with the i7 compatible features...but I'm reading that the pushpins have the same old problem of not being secure.

    (I never did like the original Artic 7 for the same reason...)

    Is this one mod-able to use screws?
  3. Hmmm.. I wouldn't try modding a heatsink.. :\

    You could try the Scythe Mugen 2, but that's seriously HUGE.

    If you want a really nice mounting option, the Cooler Master V8 is great (but it's a really baaad cooler).

    ^^That might help in your final decision. :)
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