New i5 Build, ? Regarding OC

I have a new build in the mail now.

i5 2500K
H60 cooler
P8P67 Rev3.1
Kingston HyperX 1600

Im going to continue using my MSi 460 Hawk for now (900Mhz core ). There in lies my question.

The 2500k chips are OC monsters, which basically means, I can exceed the point where Ill gain any sort of preformance "gaming".

So my question is, what sort of OC should I aim for, for optimal preformce while gaming.. (with my 460)? IF going from 4.2Ghz to 4.5Ghz wont give me any boost or gain in gaming, then Id rather not push it there..

I may or may not invest in a 560Ti next month, It all depends how well this rig plays BF3 on Ultra. 1650x1050.

I appreciate any advice.

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  1. Your 460 is definitely what would hold you back if anything. At 4.2 that chip can handle sli-ed 580's, so you might not see a difference going to 4.5 in games.
  2. Well thats good to know.

    Least I wont go crazy now pushing the i5 to 4.5Ghz+

    I figure if I can get 4.2 - 4.4Ghz at a reasonable temp with the H60. Ill be content.
  3. With a GTX460 I see no reason to overclock AT ALL. Even if you buy a GTX580, I still see no reason to overclock AT ALL.
  4. overclocking generally increase the performance, as long as the CPU is capable of handling the game, no need for overclocking. overclocking might help you with multitask applications that use the calculations and faster clock of the CPU. when i overclock my Phenom II x6 and OC the NB i get an increase of FPS by maximum 10 FPS, that's why most of the people are overclocking to get the most out of their CPUs.

    4.2 to 4.5 is not a big deal, and no noticeable increase in performance

    The GTX 560Ti would help you max out the BF3 at this resolution, the GTX 460 might do so but i recommend the GTX 560Ti
  5. Well 4.5Ghz was ridiculously easy to obtain. I was able to do it with only 1.30vcore too. Temps full load after Prime blends 2hours + top around 66C. With my GTX460 at 900Mhz core I pull a P4560 in 3Dmark11.

    Ill probably toss in a 560Ti next month... but for now this system seems rock solid :)
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